Bode Pro Review: Your Companion to Success

Apr 17, 2020 | Reviews

Bode Pro Review Your Companion to Success

One of the hardest parts of a journey is beginning the journey itself, that is why Bode Pro is here to help you in accomplishing your dream life. Start your journey as an independent distributor for Bode Pro.

Introduction to Bode Pro

Introduction to Bode Pro

Bode Pro is a MLM company founded by Benson K. Boreyko, which specializes in health and wellness products. Their products have a wide range of health benefits, from nourishing cellular nutrition to boosting your cognitive functions.

Bode Pro’s Compensation Plan

Bode Pro’s Compensation Plan

The fundamental step to earn in an MLM company is to refer others to buy products or to become an independent distributor for the company. If you succeed in doing that step, you will earn a commission for your effort.

MLM companies utilized several compensation plan structures. The common kinds of compensation plans are unilevel, binary, and matrix.

Bode Pro utilizes unilevel compensation plan, which means that every single person you persuade to join will be on your first level, because they are your frontline.

The depth of the network varies from company to company, but for Bode Pro’s case, they pay out 7 levels deep and with 12 ranks.

Also, with an unilevel compensation plan, you can get 2% to 5% from the earnings of the people you recruited. That residual income is a great addition to your earnings from selling Bode Pro products.

Bode Pro Products

Bode Pro TEN

Bode Pro TEN

Bode Pro TEN is an ultra-premium wellness supplement designed for cellular nutrition support.  Age Smarter with TEN.

Bode Pro Strong

Bode Pro Strong

Bode Pro Strong is an ultra-premium antioxidant supplement designed for protecting your cells from free radicals and oxidative stress that cause unhealthy ageing.

Bode Pro Happy

Bode Pro Happy

Bode Pro Happy is an ultra-premium nootropic dietary supplement designed to support your mood and cognitive functions.

What Do People Think About Bode Pro?

Bode Pro is a well-known health and wellness company, in fact, it earned a whopping $11 million in 2019. Let’s take a look about testimonials about Bode Pro.

This is my very first product based company and I am glad I chose Bode Pro. With this company’s focus on customer acquisition we believe in delivering a quality based product that our customers love with a loyalty program attached. BK Boreyko and his team have created another winner with Happy leading the charge.”

“This is the company to watch! Bode Pro has left behind old school network marketing and designed an FTC compliant compensation plan that offers everyone from the stay at home mom to serious Internet Marketers an opportunity to be compensated well for their marketing style. You don’t have to become someone you are not to be part of our plan. Retention is guaranteed to be very high when marketers can share great health products in their own comfort zone.”

Those testimonials are just a part of many great insights from people who are independent distributors for Bode Pro.

Are You Interested in Being an Individual Distributor for Bode Pro?

Being an individual distributor for Bode Pro is a great platform to start your journey to your dream life, not only because it generates great income and benefits, but also it helps people with their health and wellness. Being part of customer’s life improvements will surely attract good karma.

  1. Click this LINK
  2. Sign up as a retail customer
  3. Place at least one retail Bode Pro product order
  4. Introduce retail customer to buy Bode Pro products
  5. Accomplish 25 BV or more
  6. Avail  Bode Pro Affiliate Membership

What are you waiting for? Become a Bode Pro Individual Distributor and achieve your best life ever.

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