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The pioneer of healthy energy is larger and more effective than ever before.  Bode Pro Verve OG is meant to provide prolonged energy and ultra-premium nutrition with its vitamin, mineral, and CELLULAR nutrient combination, which is based on the original Verve formula that has been scientifically evaluated.  The antioxidant content of Bode Pro Verve OG may be the greatest of any energy drink on the market.  Reach for the energy you desire and the nourishment your body need, and discover for yourself why Verve remains at the vanguard of healthy cellular energy.



Verve has been clinically validated in two separate studies

Bode Pro Verve was subjected to the highest standard of clinical testing. The Immunity Study showed those who consumed a can of Verve for 30 days resulted in a 24% decrease in C-Reactive Protein.* The Bioavailability Study showed how Verve is antioxidant-rich and had maximum absorption levels in Vitamins A, B2, B5, C, E, selenium, and antioxidants from mangosteen.*

What are C-Reactive Proteins (CRP)?

C-reactive protein (CRP) are a type of proteins created in the liver-produced protein. When the body experiences a sickness or inflammation the CRP level increases.  Certain illnesses and inflammation-causing disorders lead to increased CRP levels in the blood.  Extremely elevated levels can develop, for instance, after trauma or a heart attack, in the presence of active or untreated autoimmune illnesses, and in the presence of severe bacterial infections, such as sepsis. In response to a bacterial infection, the level of CRP can increase up to a thousand fold, and its rise in the blood can precede pain, fever, or other symptoms.  In short increased CRP levels are the bodies way of protecting itself from infections and diseases and low CRP levels indicate the body is in a healthy state (Labcorp).

BIOAVAILABILITY and ANTIOXIDANT STUDY: These studies were designed to determine the overall bioavailability (body readiness) and antioxidant effect. Participants were separated into two groups, placebo and product to be tested (Strong OG or Verve). Before the products were consumed, each participant’s blood was measured. Then, participants either received a single dose of the product to be tested or a placebo. Blood samples were collected and evaluated.

The antioxidant amounts show how Verve is highly bioavailable and antioxidant rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and selenium compared to the placebo group.*

Protect your 37 trillion cells with Verve!*

IMMUNITY STUDY: Participants were randomly divided into two groups and received a serving of  Bode Pro Verve or a placebo each morning for 30 days. After the 30-day evaluation, the study showed those who consumed  Bode Pro Verve received immune support as indicated by their lower levels of C-Reactive Protein (CRP).*

After the 30-day evaluation, the study showed those who consumed a serving of Verve had a 24% decrease in C-Reactive Protein (CRP).

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