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Bode Pro Verve Burn 1 Pack

1 Case Verve Burn (12 – 12oz cans)

Verve Burn is a 12-ounce beverage that contains 150 mg of caffeine with EGCG and 22g of hydrolyzed collagen protein to assist in nourishing and supercharging your body. *

  • Specifically engineered to increase metabolic rate and reduce appetite, Burn is ideal for fueling your workout.
  • The hydrolyzed collagen in this product helps to support joint, skin, and connective tissue function and protects against muscle loss.*
  • The new Verve Burn contains a higher concentration of everything you need to power your body and your life.


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About Bode Pro Verve Burn

Bode Pro Verve Burn

Verve Burn helps healthy weight control by replenishing important nutrients and boosting your body’s metabolism throughout the day.†  A never-before-seen ingredient combination!  Verve Burn kicks your body into high gear by combining the benefits of Verve and caffeine with EGCG to enhance your metabolism, mental alertness, and nutritional support.  Additionally, we included resveratrol for its antioxidant qualities and potential anti-aging effects.*  Burn is a crisp, moderately carbonated beverage available in a 12-ounce can.  Burn will help you achieve your goal weight.*†

Disclaimer:  If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other dietary supplement.  Discontinue if allergic reaction occurs.

Enhance your Body’s Burn Potential

Verve Burn helps manage your weight by:

Enhancing your body’s burn potential*
Curbing your appetite*
Increasing your energy*
Providing your nutritional support*

Product Usage :

Verve Burn 12-oz Can

  • Shake gently and serve cold.
  • Drink one serving for a protein snack when desired.

Verve Burn is a 12-ounce beverage featuring 150 mg of caffeine with EGCG, and 22g of hydrolyzed collagen protein to help keep your body nourished and supercharged.* Specifically formulated to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite; Burn is perfect to power your workout.* The included hydrolyzed collagen helps to support your joints, skin, and connective tissue function as well as provide protection against muscle loss.* The new Verve Burn has more of everything you need to fuel your body and fuel your life.*

Bode Pro Verve Burn Nutrition Label and Ingredients

22 grams of protein — A proprietary protein blend of Type I, II, & III collagen protein works to suppress your appetite and protects against muscle loss.*

7 grams of soluble fiber — A dietary fiber source to help you feel fuller and satisfied longer.*

L-Theanine — Enhances mental alertness and focus.* 150 mg of natural caffeine with EGCG and Conjugated

Linoleic Acid (CLA) — Supports healthy weight management and fires up your energy level.*

Resveratrol — This naturally occurring compound is found in the skin of grapes and other fruits and is thought to promote antiaging and have strong, restorative antioxidant properties.*

12 essential vitamins (including antioxidant vitamins A, C and E)
— Vital for health and well-being.*

Plant-sourced mineral blend — Over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace ionic, life-giving nutrients.

Phytonutrient ingredients — A blend of powerful plant and natural components that help promote good health.*

Organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera — A powerful phytonutrient known to provide the body with many beneficial effects.*

Organic green tea — For additional antioxidant power and phytonutrient protection.*

Whole-fruit Mangosteen — An abundant supply of whole-fruit mangosteen and beneficial rind extract that provides some of the highest quantities of phytonutrients (xanthones) found in nature.

Bode Pro Verve Burn FAQ

Why should I take Verve Burn?

Verve Burn may be the right choice for you if you are seeking a healthy weight solution to help manage and achieve a healthy weight for your body type, while receiving the supplementation support your body needs.*

Can I take Verve Burn daily?

Yes, the product can be consumed daily, as directed on the product label.

Where does the caffeine content in Verve Burn come from?

Verve Burn yields the equivalent of 150mg of caffeine, along with energy support from EGCG.* The caffeine is naturally-derived from the coffee bean and is equivalent to about one and a half cups of coffee. We chose to use this source of caffeine since it is a naturally-derived ingredient that is most compatible with the formula and flavor of Verve Burn.

Is caffeine bad for me?

Some people are sensitive to caffeine; but in moderate doses, it may benefit people interested in enhanced mood and athletic performance.*

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances found in nature that may protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals.* Free radicals are a by-product of overexercise, stress, and exposure to dirty air and other environmental
pollutants. Verve Burn contains Vitamins A, C and E, and selenium: ingredients that possess antioxidant properties and may help fight free radicals in your body.*

What are xanthones?

Verve Burn contains xanthones, which are natural phytonutrients found in the mangosteen fruit that work to help protect your body.*

Where do the phytonutrient-rich antioxidants in Verve Burn come from?

They come from the xanthone-rich mangosteen fruit, organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic green tea. Phytonutrients are plant compounds, which are thought to possess beneficial qualities.*

Which minerals are included in the Verve mineral blend?

The Verve formula contains over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace minerals. Because we source our minerals from naturally occurring vegetation, the level of individual minerals may vary slightly from batch to batch. The Verve formula proprietary mineral blend contains the following minerals:

Carbon (Organic), Calcium, Sodium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Chloride, Bromide, Fluorine, Iodine, Potassium, Niobium, Aluminum, Iron, Phosphorus, Silica, Manganese, Boron, Strontium, Titanium, Tungsten, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Zirconium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Chromium, Selenium, Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium, Gallium, Barium, Yttrium, Neodymium, Hafnium, Cadmium, Thorium, Antimony, Cerium, Tellurium, Beryllium, Samarium, Dysprosium, Erbium, Bismuth, Gadolinium, Cesium, Lanthanum, Praseodymium, Europium, Lutetium, Terbium, Ytterbium, Holmium, Thallium, Thulium, Tantalum, Germanium, Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Rubidium, Ruthenium, Scandium, Silver and Indium.

Is it necessary to take a multivitamin if I am taking Verve Burn?

Verve Burn contains a 1/2 serving of the Verve formula. We recommend one serving of Verve Burn per day, which is half of the recommended daily serving of the Verve formula. We suggest consulting with your healthcare provider if you have additional questions regarding your specific regimen.

What is the sweetener used in Verve Burn and why did you choose that source?

Verve Burn is sweetened with a combination of organic cane sugar and sucralose.  After extensive research and testing during the product development phase, organic cane sugar and sucralose were chosen as the best alternative sweeteners for these products. Many of the other noncalorie sweeteners did not meet ourcriteria for compatibility with Verve Burn. The use of premium ingredients, formula efficacy and flavor in the Bodē Pro products are our highest priorities. Bodē Pro Research and Development thoroughly reviews scientific data for all potential ingredients. Some will tell you that organic cane sugar is considered one of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar. While both sweeteners are derived from sugar cane, organic cane sugar does not undergo the same degree of processing as refined sugar. Therefore, unlike refined sugar, organic cane sugar retains more of the nutrients found in natural sugar cane. Sucralose is derived from natural cane sugar through a multistep manufacturing process that selectively removes hydrogen-oxygen groups from the sugar molecule and replaces them with chlorine atoms. Chlorine is a naturally occurring substance that is found in vegetation and even table salt. Current scientific data supports that sucralose is safe and does not affect insulin levels. The use of sucralose is well documented in numerous scientific studies conducted over a 20-year period. It is approved for use in over 80 countries and deemed appropriate for use by all consumers by such health authorities as the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


Bode Pro Verve Burn 1 Pack
Bode Pro Verve Burn 1 Pack


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